Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Sign-up Process:
1. Send an email to ToteExchangeHostesses gmail com Please include:
Your full name
Email address
Blog address (if applicable)
Blog Signature (e.g. Deb Brown is how my blog posts appear)
Street address
Phone number

This information will only be available to the Hostesses and your Secret Pal.

2. We will send you an invitation to join the blog.
3. Join the blog.
4. Complete the questionnaire and post your responses to the blog with the title ’s Questionnaire Answers no later than 05/22/2007
5. Sit back and wait for partner assignment!

The Rules:
We hope everyone will have a good time, but to make sure things go smoothly we have a few rules that we ask you to follow:

1. Questionnaire - Must be posted on the blog by 05/22/2007. The questionnaire is a guideline. The answers to the questionnaire are to give you insight into what your Secret Pal likes, but you do NOT have to slavishly follow it.

2. Cost - Minimum to spend is $25 USD for the tote or if you use handspun, please spend at least $15 USD on materials. Anything above these minimums is at your discretion. These minimums do not include postage.

3. International participation - Optional. If you only want to send to and receive from people within the U.S., that’s fine. If you are open to an International Exchange, understand that shipping usually takes a week or two but it can take weeks.

4. Shipping Date and Method - Totes must be mailed by 07/18/07 or participant will be required to ship using overnight mail service. We STRONGLY suggest that when you send your bag you use a method that allows for tracking. It does not cost much but can alleviate the issue of all of your hard work being "lost in the mail". (FedEx has a ground delivery option within the U.S. that is very reasonable, $5-6; takes no more than five days; includes tracking and can be arranged at most Kinko’s locations.)

5. Blog Posts - You must post at least once in May (your questionnaire counts), once in June, and once in July. Additional posts and comments are up to you, but of course, the more on the blog, the more fun it is for everyone.

6. Secrecy - It’s more fun to keep your identity a secret, so we suggest getting a new e-mail account that doesn't identify you. These are available for free on gmail and other sources on the web. Feel free to send a test mail to the gmail account to make sure you are truly anonymous if you’re not sure.

7. Non-fulfillment of Commitment – We all understand that life can sometimes get in the way of knitting fun. If circumstances arise that prevent you from completing your project on time, please contact your hostess ASAP so we can contact the angels and your Secret Pal won't miss out. If you don't keep your end of the bargain and do not communicate when we try to ascertain status, we will report you to the knitting blog “police”, who will ban you from future exchanges of any kind. (We reported twelve participants from the last three exchanges.)

8. Communication - Finally and most importantly…. THANK YOUR SENDER! Yes, this seems incredibly stupid to spell out but there were MANY recipients who never acknowledged receiving their sender’s package.

The Schedule:
Tuesday, 05/15/07 Sign-ups close
Tuesday, 05/22/07 Questionnaires must be posted to blog
Tuesday, 05/29/07 * Hostesses email out partner assignments
Wednesday, 07/18/07 * Totes must be mailed that day via regular mail options
Wednesday, 08/01/07 Totes are in recipients’ hands

* This schedule allows seven weeks from the day participants receive assignments to the ship date.

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